Volunteer days

All are welcome and any time you can give on the day will be most appreciated.

Tools and equipment are provided, but please wear appropriate clothes and footwear and bring your own refreshments.

We usually meet at 11am on the second Sunday of the month and 10am on the last Wednesday of the month.

Please contact Chris Parker or Andrew Wood for details, for each workday, of where and when we will meet or to be added to the list of email addresses to be advised.


  1. Split the stacked logs longitudinally using mauls and wedges in order to allow natural seasoning and drying ready for conversion into firewood

  2. Clearing vegetation from paths, leveling a dip in the path, and moving firewood

  3. The main task for the day will be cut back and clear any vegetation encroaching the path leading down from Woodland Way to the steps at Northwood Avenue entrance as well as remove any branches which may be overhanging the path

  4. A few smaller jobs including clearing some fallen hawthorns, cutting an elder tree overhanging the little pond and some vegetation in the juniper enclosure

  5. Firewood bagging, new tree maintenance, remove overhanging branch on the middle path, strimming and raking

  6. Move the logs stacked opposite the Firewood Bagging Area on to pallets in the Firewood Bagging Area and cover them in tarpaulins to dry out over the summer