Work day: 30/03/2022 (Wednesday)

The first task will be to bag up some firewood. Unless there is a sudden cold spell we traditionally stop supplying firewood at the end of March so this current prolonged dry spell is a good opportunity to replenish the stock stored by Alison so it can dry out over the summer months ready for the new season in the Autumn. Approximately 15 bags of firewood will be needed to replenish the stock back up to 30 bags but would suggest some additional bags be brought on the day just in case some more are needed.   

The other tasks planned for the day are as follows:

  1. To fit cardboard mulch mats around the recently planted 40 Box trees and record their “what3words” locations. Alastair has also asked if members could bring some containers of water with them to give the Box trees planted by the Cubs a good watering.

  2. There is a hung up branch on the middle path near the Go Wild With US meeting place which entails winching and will require several persons to act as lookouts to ensure the public are kept away from the danger zone while the winching is being carried out.

  3. The final part of the Juniper enclosure located near the Butterfly Glade needs to be cut and raked. As the grass is very thick Anthony suggests it might be easier to strim the area rather than use a brushcutter.

  4. Time permitting, there are several trees down in Higher Drive Recreation Ground including a large Oak near FoF’s notice Board which need cutting back and clearing.

Although the regulations relating to the Omicron situation have been relaxed the number of infections is still rising so it’s probably best if you continue to bring your own gloves and tools (shears and loppers) if you have them but as usual a selection of FoF tools will be available for those who need them. Please would you also bring your own wipes and hand gel as well as your own refreshments. Please also remember to wear long trousers/jeans to avoid getting bitten by ticks but FoF’s First Aid kit does contain tick removers if needed.

Anthony will again be supervising the work day so please would you kindly let Anthony know if you’re able to make the work day  - many thanks.




At the entrance in Woodland Way

The Friends of Foxley are a group of volunteers who manage Foxley Wood in Kenley, Surrey.