Work day: 10/04/2022 (Sunday)

  1. Bill has been given a number of stakes and notices relating to the Brilliant Butterfly Project and the intention is to position some of the stakes around the Soil Inversion located next to the children’s play area in Higher Drive Recreation Ground in order to deter vehicles from driving over the Inversion as has happened on previous occasions flattening the wildflowers planted there specifically for the benefit of butterflies.

  2. A couple of Hawthorn trees have fallen over into the Recreation Ground and these need to be cut back and cleared using bowsaws.

  3. The cutting back of the vegetation encroaching the Junipers in the Juniper compound located near the Butterfly Glade also still needs to be completed.

  4. The Elder Tree overhanging the pond located at the Foxley Road end of the top path has become very large and needs to be cut back to stump level so its growth doesn’t adversely impact the pond. The tree will regenerate after it has been coppiced.           




At the picnic tables located along the top path where Sherwood Oaks Field starts

The Friends of Foxley are a group of volunteers who manage Foxley Wood in Kenley, Surrey.