Work day: 13/03/2022 (Sunday)

The main tasks for the day will be to move the logs stacked opposite the Firewood Bagging Area on to pallets in the Firewood Bagging Area and cover them in tarpaulins to dry out over the summer. Other possible tasks will be to cut back vegetation encroaching the Junipers in the Butterfly Glade as well as the two Junipers located close to the Stag Beetle Loggery near the entrance to the Glade. Paths also need to be checked and cleared of any debris or branches overhanging the paths following the recent storms. Depending on time Anthony would also like some help positioning the timber he intends planking ready for conversion into picnic tables/benches.         


Although the regulations relating to the Omicron situation have ben relaxed it probably best if you continue to bring your own gloves and tools (shears and loppers) if you have them but as usual a selection of FoF tools will be available for those who need them. Please would you also bring your own wipes and hand gel as well as your own refreshments. Please also remember to wear long trousers/jeans to avoid getting bitten by ticks but FoF’s First Aid kit does contain tick removers if needed.

Anthony will be supervising the work day so please would you kindly let Anthony know if you’re able to make the work day. Andrew, Bill, Alastair and Gill are unable to make the work day so any help you can give Anthony on the day would be very much appreciated – many thanks.




At the entrance in Woodland Way

The Friends of Foxley are a group of volunteers who manage Foxley Wood in Kenley, Surrey.