Work day: 29/06/2022 (Wednesday)

The tasks planned for the day are as follows:-

  1. Finish brush-cutting the benches and picnic tables located in the Charcoal Glade and John’s (Picnic) Glade as well as brush-cut the  ''scalloped path'' leading down from Sherwood Glade to the lower path.

  2. Fell and clear trees and ivy blocking the view to the Ancient Beech from the lower path at the point where it diverts up the hill from the Burwood Avenue entrance. 

  3. Close to (2) above and adjacent to the lower path there is a large patch of ground elder that needs to be sprayed with herbicide in order to both to prevent it from spreading further and use as a possible location for dumping the spoil from No.43 to create a chalk bank. 

  4. Andrea’s Butterfly Boulevard Transect located along the bottom path also needs some cutting back/strimming.

  5. After the site meeting in Sherwood Oaks Field last Saturday involving Sean, Anthony and Bill, Sean asked Anthony about growing Junipers which he is developing as a project at Lodge Farm and at a friend's nursery in Guildford and following a discussion about the provenance of FoF’s Junipers sourced from 3 locations within a few miles of Foxley Wood Anthony suggested FoF collect as much seed as possible for Sean to use – Sean has the facilities for growing the plants which FoF doesn’t. Gloves will be needed to protect against the spiny foliage and collecting containers will also be needed (bowls or buckets would be best) as well as pliers to undo the wires securing the deer fencing in order to access the enclosures.

  6. If possible, Anthony would also like to continue cutting some more boards for bench seats/table tops as well as find some more oak branches to prepare for legs.

Please would you continue to bring your own gloves and tools (shears and loppers) if you have them but as usual a selection of FoF tools will be available for those who need them. Please would you also bring your own wipes and hand gel as well as your own refreshments. Please also remember to wear long trousers/jeans to avoid getting bitten by ticks but FoF’s First Aid kit does contain tick removers if needed.




At the entrance in Woodland Way

The Friends of Foxley are a group of volunteers who manage Foxley Wood in Kenley, Surrey.