Work day: Sunday 10th December

(1) To brushcut and clear the vegetation encroaching the Junipers in the Butterfly Glade as well as in the large Juniper compound located close to the entrance to the glade. 

(2) Another small glade located near the Butterfly Glade also needs brushcutting and raking.

(3) The Butterfly Soil Inversion needs to be scythed and raked.  

(4) The Oak seedlings discovered in the Butterfly Glade will also need to be protected with tree guards pending transfer to an alternative location so the seedlings don't shade out the Junipers when they have mature into fully grown trees. There

      are also some Oak seedlings in the glade next to the Juniper Glade which will also need moving for the same reason.




At the entrance of Burwood Avenue

The Friends of Foxley are a group of volunteers who manage Foxley Wood in Kenley, Surrey.