Work day: 14/08/2022 (Sunday)

As there are no routine jobs that need doing at the moment and in view of the temperature for Sunday predicted to reach 30C a decision has been taken to cancel the above work day.

However, Alastair and Anthony are concerned about the tree planting done earlier in the year by the Cubs along the right hand side of the path opposite the Rhododendrons and have asked volunteers to water those whips if they have the opportunity to do so. Alastair has kindly done a couple of trips using 4 or 5 four pint milk bottles but the whips do need a lot of watering during this particularly prolonged period of hot dry weather. The whips planted in the actual Rhododendron area could also do with watering if at all possible. Any watering you may be able to do would be greatly appreciated.

The next scheduled work day will be on Wednesday 31st August 2022.




At the entrance of Burwood Avenue

The Friends of Foxley are a group of volunteers who manage Foxley Wood in Kenley, Surrey.