Work day: 13/02/2022 (Sunday)

Volunteers from the Croydon Conservation Volunteers (CCV) will be joining FoF for another work day and Cubs from 21st Purley (St. Barnabas Church) Cub Scouts may also be coming in the morning to do some tree planting although at the time of writing this has yet to be confirmed. The plan is to meet at 10.00 a.m. at the Burwood Avenue entrance and the tasks for the day are as follows:-

  1. Finish strimming and raking the Juniper compound which wasn’t completed on a previous work day – Bill knows which compound.

  2. Cut back and clear the Elder overhanging the pond.

  3. Continue with the strimming and raking of Sherwood Oaks Field which ideally needs to be completed before the sheep return in March – date T.B.A.

  4. The ivy growing up the trees in the Cherry Grove located in the field are being overwhelmed by ivy and Anthony is concerned the trees are now more vulnerable to windthrow especially as the lower parts have been denuded by the sheep. Whilst ivy would ordinarily be considered a valuable woodland habitat in this particular instance Anthony feels it should be controlled by cutting the stems twice a few inches apart as low as possible to the ground. The tops will eventually die and fall off but the cut stems will quickly regrow providing new foliage at an accessible height for the sheep to munch on.

  5. Time permitting it may also be possible to take some soil samples from Sherwood Oaks Field. As part of the project to return the field to chalk grassland it was agreed with Jane Sevenoaks, Natural England soil samples would be taken from the field and sent to the RHS for analysis to establish its PH - Acidity or Alkalinity. Anthony already has obtained a testing kit from the RHS and will be supervising the sampling if there is sufficient time. 

If the Cubs do come Anthony and Alastair will arrange to meet them separately at the entrance in Woodland Way and will join the main group later in the day after the tree planting has been completed. Although the regulations relating to the Omicron situation have ben relaxed it probably best if you continue to bring your own gloves and tools (shears, loppers and rakes) if you have them but as usual a selection of FoF tools will be available for those who need them. Please would you also bring your own wipes and hand gel as well as your own refreshments. Please also remember to wear long trousers/jeans to avoid getting bitten by ticks but FoF’s First Aid kit does contain tick removers if needed. Bill will be supervising the work so please would you kindly let Bill know if you’re able to make the work day




At the entrance of Burwood Avenue

The Friends of Foxley are a group of volunteers who manage Foxley Wood in Kenley, Surrey.