Work day: 09/01/2022 (Sunday)

The plan is to meet at 10.00 a.m. at the picnic tables/benches located along the top path where Sherwood Oaks Field starts opposite Sherwood Glade and the tasks scheduled for the day are as follows:-

  1. To cut back the White Briar Rose overgrowing the top path along the fence line as well as any other vegetation encroaching that stretch of the path.

  2. The area around the pond also needs clearing and the Elder overhanging the pond needs cutting right back.

  3. Both Juniper compounds located near Sherwood Oaks Field need strimming and raking.

  4. Most of the individual Juniper enclosures located in and around the Butterfly Glade need to be cleared of bramble particularly the two near the Stag Beetle Loggery which are very overgrown.

  5. A few Junipers located in the Juniper Glade still need to be cleared of bramble and the deer fencing protecting one of them needs to be re-staked.

  6. When the second team of LexisNexis volunteers helped re-stake the deer fencing in the Juniper Glade they didn’t have available any long ties to secure the new stakes which were positioned next to the old stakes so these need to be checked and secured with long ties.

In view of the current Omicron situation please would you continue to bring your own gloves and tools (shears and loppers) if you have them but a selection of FoF tools will be available for those who need them. Please would you also bring your own wipes and hand gel as well as your own refreshments. Please also remember to wear long trousers/jeans to avoid getting bitten by ticks but tick removers are available in FoF’s First Aid kit if you do unfortunately get bitten.

Bill will be supervising the work so please would you kindly let Bill know if you’re able to make the work day – many thanks.




At the picnic tables located along the top path where Sherwood Oaks Field starts

The Friends of Foxley are a group of volunteers who manage Foxley Wood in Kenley, Surrey.